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Criders Lawn Care offers Residential and Commercial lawn care and maintenance for a variety of businesses and areas!  Fully Licensed, Insured, and Certified, our staff are trained and work hard to keep your lawns perfectly manicured and free of debris.  We have programs to fit most budgets and cover a large range of areas.  


We offer 24/7 on call snow removal and salt application to our commercial customers during the months of November-March, as needed. We will bid your contract with comparable and competitive pricing to our area, and service your business as each snow, or ice episode occurs.  We have brand new equipment, and trained drivers to keep your property clear and safe. Contact us in early fall to allow us the opportunity to care for your winter needs. 


SERVICES: We offer mowing, weed eating, lawn fertilization packages, landscape maintenance, and leaf removal. ( We do not offer one time mowing, in order to be put on our schedule, we must schedule you 4 mows in advance)


PAYMENTS: We accept check or cash payment at time of service, or we can keep a credit/debit card on file for you, to be charged the following week after service. We are PCI compliant which means our system keeps your information safe, and we do not have access to your card information- the last 4 digits is all we see.


SCHEDULE: We offer weekly mowing. (Bi weekly in severe drought only) Your lawn will normally be mowed on the same day each week, but please keep in mind weather and rain may delay the schedule)


RAIN DAYS: If it rains during the week, know that your service will be a day behind.


DAMAGES: Please notify our office of any damage claims within 24 hours.


COMPLAINTS/QUESTIONS/CONCERNS: Please call our office and speak with Micha she will be glad to help you!


PETS: Crews try to avoid pets escaping, but we do not assume responsibility- It is best if pets are kept in the house or in a kennel on your scheduled mow day.


GATES: If you have a locked gate, it will have to be unlocked on your scheduled mow day, or we can provide a free combination lock that our crew will have the combination to.


CANCELLATIONS: You must cancel service by 1pm the day before your scheduled mow day.


INGROUND POOLS/WHITE FENCES: Our crews pay extra attention when trimming around your in ground pool or white fence, to avoid grass clippings getting in water or on fence. We would never intentionally blow grass clippings, but it can be difficult due to wind conditions.


AC UNIT: Our crews pay extra attention around AC units due to wires etc, but it may be best for us to spray around/behind your unit to avoid damage to any cords/pipes.

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